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The Perfect Bridal Buying Squad

When starting out on the search for your dream dress a key consideration should be who should I bring wedding dress shopping? It can be really tempting to bring all your nearest and dearest to share in this special moment with you but too many opinions can be really over whelming. You don’t want to end up feeling like you’ve gone dress blind, and everyone likes something slightly different.

Our top tips for getting this right…

Consider who's opinions you must have to help you make the decision to say, “yes to the dress”.

Keep your guest list consistent across your appointments so you can all compare dress ‘A’ last week with dress ‘B’ this week.

Who will give you tactful honesty whilst making you feel as great as you should during this process? Whilst we all have body hang-ups and fitness goals, your dress should make you feel amazing as you are. You’re aiming for an honest hype squad here.


Who knows your style and wedding vibe inside out…think Pinterest mood board soul mates!

Once you’ve considered the above limit this to three people or less.

If you do have a big bridal party that you want to include there are plenty of opportunities to include people once you’ve found your dress. A couple of good opportunities to do this are at your dress collection appointment or your dress fittings.

Most of all try not to be too nervous and have fun, this should be your favourite shopping trip ever!

"The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her." Marcelene Cox

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